Term & Conditions

RDNG Stories Terms and Conditions:
  • Rider understand the risks of motor cross activity, either cross country package, or enduro package.
  • Rider capable in following the mentioned activity
  • Rider is fully responsible of them self (in form of body injury, death, personal property lost and damage, and any others personal expenses).
  • Rider is in a good mental and physical health
  • RDNG has offered riding protection gears such as helmet, gloves, and gogle, also knees and elbows protector (only for enduro package). If rider don’t wear it along the tour, the rider is responsible of the higher risk of injury.
  • With the risks mentioned above, RDNG has not provided insurance, so the third party insurance is not included in the package.
  • Rider understands that the payment must be fully paid before the tour started.
If the riders would like to take action of maintaining environment, rider can do so by donating $5 to the tour guide (optional)
Rider has accepted the terms and conditions above by submitting the following booking form.

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